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Supervision critical in preventing employee fraud

As economic conditions worsen, employers that cut back on supervision and communication face a growing risk of employee fraud, warns workplace relations lawyer Chris Molnar.

The 10 do's and don'ts of the redundancy process

Employers that refrain from indiscriminately slashing staff numbers and adhere to the 10 "DOs and DON'Ts" of the redundancy process will be "poised to enjoy a competitive advantage" as the economy rebounds, according to the authors of a white paper from the Human Capital Institute and Taleo.

HR must design the table, not just get a seat at it

HR must make the shift from transactional to transformational - driving change within a business instead of just aligning with it - if it wants "a seat at the table", says the head of global HR consulting at Kelly Services.

More diligence needed with drug-testing processes

Employers looking to implement workplace drug and alcohol testing must ensure that the process is completely transparent to avoid possible litigation - especially when it comes to sacking workers who test positive to prohibited substances, says Harmers Workplace Lawyers partner, Jamie Robinson.

Employers back in control in IT market

Employers are clawing back control in the IT recruitment market and are taking advantage of the downturn to prune salaries and lift the overall quality of their IT workforce, according to a new study.

Is a "corporate psychopath" lurking among your ranks?

"Corporate psychopaths" create workplace conflict and cause top talent to flee, but there are ways to recognise and remove them before it's too late, says organisational psychologist Jason Blaik.

Disengagement at work linked to poor health, stress

Actively disengaged workers are disproportionately likely to stay with their current employer and take double the sick leave of their engaged workmates, a Gallup Consulting survey has found.

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