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Protect workers from Christmas-related customer abuse

Employers forced to cut staff levels must ensure that remaining workers are equipped with the skills to deal with abusive customers, or risk exposure to litigation from distressed employees, a workplace lawyer warns.

Informal feedback preferable to formal reviews

The majority of middle managers in Australia feel that the informal feedback they receive from their employer is more valuable than formal reviews, a survey has found.

"Gardening leave" timeframes must be reasonable

"Gardening leave" clauses in employment contracts can be an effective means to keep company secrets out of competitors' hands and prevent departing employees from disrupting the workplace, providing they are not enforced for an "unreasonable" length of time, according to a senior employment lawyer.

30% annual slump in demand for HR roles

National demand for HR roles fell by 13 per cent in November and 30 per cent in the past year, according to the Olivier Job Index.

Which background checks should you conduct?

Do you know which background checks are relevant to the roles you're recruiting? Screening specialist Peter Stackpole explains when each type of check is warranted.

Why are your employees leaving?

Conducting exit interviews online and anonymously reaps the best information about an employer's retention issues, says organisational psychologist Matthew Neale.

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