Contribute to HR Daily

There are many ways to be involved with HR Daily to share your news, expertise and insights with our subscribers.

Editorial & press releases

You're welcome to email us press releases about HR-related news, or you can just send a few points about the topic you have in mind and, if it works with our editorial schedule, we'll get back to you to conduct a phone interview and write an article.

Our preference is to work with spokespeople exclusively, so please be mindful of that when putting yourself or someone else forward for an interview. In other words, don't "spray and pray"!

Please also note, we often receive 100-plus pitches per day and although we try, we can't reply to them all.

Written submissions

We write everything in-house and don't publish external contributions, ensuring all our content is original and exclusive. However, if you have drafted something you think is great and you haven't posted or pitched it elsewhere, we're happy to take a look and potentially use it as a springboard for something new. If we can use it in some way, we'll get back in touch and usually then interview you for more quotes.

HR Daily Community

HR Daily Community

The HR Daily Community is a sister site where you can post your own written content – this might be original pieces, or reposting material from your blog or website.

We feature all the best posts on this page of the HR Daily news site and via links in the right-hand margin of our articles.

Sign up here (please note this is separate to your HR Daily news site subscription), and make sure to follow our guidelines for posting. We sometimes make small edits to ensure all posts comply with our rules, but when blatant breaches occur we don't hesitate to delete posts and will sometimes suspend Community members.

Webinars & webcasts

HR Daily hosts live webinars and publishes pre-recorded webcasts roughly every two-to-three weeks, for our premium members to watch on demand. To be considered as a presenter for these we need to have worked with you previously and built up some rapport; this usually means we have interviewed you a few times, found your insights top-notch, and think you're a great communicator.

Before putting yourself or someone else forward as a potential presenter, please refer to the 'editorial & press releases' section above to get on our radar about your chosen topic.

Sharing articles

We understand you'll want to shout far and wide when you're quoted in HR Daily, but we do have a few rules in place to protect our content, and kindly request that you don't breach our copyright.

Our article pages have 'sharing' buttons at the top, and/or you're welcome to screenshot the top section of the article (no more than five paragraphs please), and post that alongside a link to the full article.

Below are two examples of what we consider appropriate screenshots to share on socials.