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'Framework agreements' could end EA and bargaining woes

With IR reform discussions now underway, a workplace lawyer has called for a "reawakening" of some older practices as an alternative to simplifying modern awards.

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This week's top stories in brief


The week's biggest HR stories cover: JobKeeper concerns; working from home issues; opportunities to reset culture; and more. » more »


Assessment compromised "fundamental" employee rights, but dismissal stands

The Fair Work Commission has criticised an employer for compromising some fundamental rights when conducting psychometric assessments, but ultimately ruled a worker's dismissal was fair. » more »


How Coles hired 11,000-plus in four weeks

Coles has shared how it handled recruitment demand escalating by more than five-fold over four weeks at the height of COVID-19's impact on supermarkets. » more »


Webcast: Workplace culture - review and reset

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted organisations in countless ways, but it also provides an opportunity to reset some important elements of workplace culture. This webinar discusses team rebalancing, listening strategies, and welfare discussions. » more »

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"Compelling case" to extend JobKeeper; First-phase crisis response gets employee tick; and more

The end of the JobKeeper stimulus poses a "significant threat" to Australian employment, a labour market analyst warns. Also in this article: organisations have largely impressed workers in their first-phase crisis response; employers weigh up keeping their workforce at home; new guidance on returning to workplaces safely; and more. » more »